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Name:Transformers Sandbox RP
Location:Oregon, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A sandbox RP for G1 Transformers
Welcome to TF-Sandbox, a player-driven community roleplay based on the G1 Transformers cartoon. The RP is set in an AU that disregards the events of the 1986 movie and Season 3. Characters introduced in Season 3 are welcome, with the exception of those created by Unicron in the movie. Neither Unicron nor the Quintessons have made themselves known.

The Situation

Autobot City is under construction in NE Oregon, near Wallowa. For now, the Autobots continue to live and work out of the Ark at Mt. St Hillary, near Portland, OR. Relations with human authorities are often rocky, but for the most part, the humans in the area are helpful and supportive of the Autobot forces.

The Decepticons have created a number of satellite bases around the globe, but continue to operate mainly out of Decepticon HQ, deep under the Pacific Ocean. The Space Bridge in Colorado is hotly contested, but remains, for now, in Decepticon control.

Cybertron remains dark and nearly powerless, under the control of Shockwave and his drones. Autobot resistance cells continue to operate underground with increasing numbers and support from Earth, but for the time being, Cybertron is a Decepticon planet.

How to Join

Step 1: Read the rules, below, and the FAQ/Posting Guidelines.

Step 2: Go here to see a list of characters already claimed. Pretty much anyone not on the list is fair game - G1 Transformers characters only, please.

Step 3: Go here to apply.

Step 4: Go here to create a player profile.

Step 5: Join this community with your character journal, and watch/join the OOC comm with whatever journal you would prefer. And then RP away!

Community Rules

1. Be respectful. Name calling and offensive behavior has no place here. If you have a problem with another player that you cannot work out on your own, contact a mod.

2. No godmodding. This means no taking control of another player's character, no assigning attributes to other characters that their players didn't okay, no assuming that an attack hits another character, or how much damage it does to another character.

3. Avoid powergaming. Yeah, some characters are powerful. The Stunticons have forcefields that will soak most damage, but that doesn't make them immortal. Blur is fast, but he can't dodge everything. Face it, eventually your character will screw up, and that's what makes the game fun.

4. Keep IC IC, and OOC OOC. There's two sides to this. First, Metagaming - Players know things that characters don't. If your character wouldn't reasonably know something, then act like they don't know it. Secondly, IC actions do not equal OOC attitudes. Just because my character punched yours in the face doesn't mean I'm angry with you! Do not take things that happen to your character personally. That said, keep in mind rules 1 and 2. If something happens that makes you uncomfortable, or you feel places you in an uncomfortable or unsafe position, contact a mod ASAP.

5. IC actions have IC consequences, so if your character acts like a jerk, expect them to treated like one.

6. Put a reasonable effort into making your postings readable. This means adhering to the general format of RPing posts, and that spellcheck is your friend.

7. The community is PG13. Anything higher than PG13 can happen on personal journals. In order for something that happens on a personal journal to be considered to have "happened" in the game, a participant needs to post a link to the entry in the community, with any appropriate warnings (off-comm for sex, violence, sex and violence, Vortex, etc.)

8. Endeavor to stay in-character. Characters are open to personal interpretation, but try to keep them recognizable as the character from the canon source!
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